Joshua Magee, Ph.D.

"Every way of classifying a thing is but a way of handling it for some particular purpose." - William James

Joshua Magee, Research Assistant Professor

**I encourage applications by potential clinical psychology graduate students for 2017-2018.**

I am a clinical scientist in the Department of Psychology at Miami University. I conduct work in three intersecting areas:

Intrusive Thinking

Unwanted, intrusive thoughts and images are experienced by most people, but vary widely in their consequences. I study intrusive thinking, 'thoughts about thoughts' (i.e., metacognition), and attempts to control intrusive thinking that stray into dysfunctional territory, contributing to health problems.

Lifespan Development

With older age comes substantial changes in motivation, goals, and concerns. My research suggests that these changes lead to new ways of experiencing and managing intrusive thinking and distress over the adult lifespan.

Health Technology

Healthcare today attempts to keep pace with fast-moving advances in technology. I apply novel electronic means for understanding and improving mental and behavioral health in areas such as anxiety and substance dependence.