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SCOUT Lab (Studying Cognition, Obsessions, and Unwanted Thinking)

The SCOUT Lab at Miami University is directed by Dr. Joshua Magee.

We investigate why unwanted thoughts, images, and urges are experienced by most people, but only cause clinically-significant impairment for a select few. Within our work, we apply health technologies like mobile phones and the Internet to assess, understand, and treat mental and behavioral health problems marked by unwanted thinking. We are currently focused on translating models of unwanted thinking from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety to two new areas: 1) nicotine cravings that commonly occur during smoking cessation; and 2) unwanted thinking during older adulthood.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

**Interested undergraduates are encouraged to complete an application. Your application will be kept on file until there is an opening and we consider applicants for that spot. Please contact Joshua Magee at mageejc at with questions.